VPS2 Outage

Due to a hardware failure at our supplier's site at 05:10 this morning VPS2 went offline. Our Supplier migrated our Virtual Machine to new hardware and the services were back online at 08:27. Please note this server ONLY hosts the MyCloudTree Customer portal and the main Cloud-Tree website. All services provided to our customers were not ... Davamını oxu »

12th Mar 2020
Server Scheduled Update Window - Saturday 25th January 2020

In order to keep the software running the web hosting platforms up to date, we will be applying the latest patches to the following servers VPS2 VPS21 VPS22 ODIN THOR NS1 NS2 NS3 Affected Services: Webhosting Local Email services We will reboot each server as a precautionary restart after the patches have been applied. This ... Davamını oxu »

24th Jan 2020
CT-Prepared, Back up all your important data.

    Without easy access to your most valuable asset – your data – it would be a pretty tough day at the office. Nowadays, taking care of your data is of paramount importance, ransomware attacks, hardware failure, human error and mother nature are all adding to our woes. Don’t let the threat of data loss stress you out. CloudTree in ... Davamını oxu »

3rd Dec 2018
Domain Renewals now upto 9 years!

From today you can now renew your domain registrations for up to 9 years.


Don't loose your domain due to failure to renew each year, simply log into your control panel and select Domains then increase the renewal period 1 through 9 years now available from CloudTree.


28th Nov 2018
Two Exciting New Products Launched

CloudTree continue to offer new and exciting products to its customers and today sees the launch of two more... For more information click on the links below or call us today to discuss your requirements and let us advise you on the best product fit... Website security & malware protection for your website SiteLock™, the global leader ... Davamını oxu »

17th Nov 2018
Updated Knowledge Base

Today we launched an epic update to our knowledge base with over 200 new articles. These will help our customers to self administer their own account and not need to contact the support team for many of the basic features available.

Simply click on Support - Knowledgebase from the top menu.

1st Nov 2018
We welcome your feedback

CloudTree has built its business solely based on recommendations and word of mouth. As such we would be really grateful if our customers could spare a few moments to add a customer testimonial for our website.Of course if your opinion is bad we hope that you have contacted us so that we can put it right.If you feel you have some feedback, good or ... Davamını oxu »

15th Mar 2018
If you are experiencing issues with outlook sending via SMTP, read on.

We have received a number of support tickets from customers who are unable to use outlook on windows 7 to send emails.This is due to windows 7 using an outdated security protocol called TLS. TLS1.2 must be enabled to use our services with outlook on windows 7 boxes.Please log in to your customer portal to read how to solve this problem on our ... Davamını oxu »

11th Feb 2018