Mar 12th VPS2 Outage

Due to a hardware failure at our supplier's site at 05:10 this morning VPS2 went offline. Our Supplier migrated our Virtual Machine to new hardware and the services were back online at 08:27. Please note this server ONLY hosts the MyCloudTree Customer portal and the main Cloud-Tree website. All services provided to our customers were not ... Read More »

Jan 24th Server Scheduled Update Window - Saturday 25th January 2020

In order to keep the software running the web hosting platforms up to date, we will be applying the latest patches to the following servers VPS2 VPS21 VPS22 ODIN THOR NS1 NS2 NS3 Affected Services: Webhosting Local Email services We will reboot each server as a precautionary restart after the patches have been applied. This ... Read More »