We are aware that Nominet is contacting all owners of a .co.uk domain name. The wording has caused some confusion with existing customers.

This notification is NOT telling you that your .co.uk domain will expire, but it is informing you that the new .uk domain extension is now available for your domain. 

For example, if your domain is


the new 


The new .uk extension has been reserved for you as the current owner of the .co.uk until the 25th June, after this date the .uk extension will be placed on the open market and anyone will be able to register that domain.

If you wish to purchase the new .uk version of your .co.uk domain, please visit your customer Portal https://mycloudtree.co.uk to register this new .uk version.

If you are not worried about purchasing the .uk version, then NO action is required for your .co.uk existing domain. This will remain registered to you until the renewal date, when CloudTree will automatically renew for you, unless you have advised us otherwise.


Customer Support
CloudTree Limited

Thursday, June 13, 2019

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